Users and consumers of Spanish media

Users and consumers of Spanish media



) is a federation of 17 regional associations of media users and consumers, which has given new life to old radio and television associations of Spain listeners. There are about 100,000 members and roughly 500 volunteers.

They successfully work on two fronts: 1. Orienting parents and schools through a monthly magazine called Contraste, which covers television programs, films and videogames, and reaches 35,000 readers. 2. Organizing periodic meetings with professionals in the media field (producers, scriptwriters, advertisers) to create a climate of collaboration. The goal is to improve the content quality, in response to families’ demands. They also have annual ATR-ICmedia winners for best programs, those that “promote values such as quality, service, the family, creativity, and credibility”.

The well-maintained website offers information about their activities and objectives. Perhaps the site could offer old editions of the magazine Contraste in pdf format, or at least a preview of new articles, which would also help increase its diffusion.

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