Intelligent Video games: when you can benefit from playing!

Intelligent Video games: when you can benefit from playing!

Who said that video games are necessarily bad? If it is true that spending many hours before a screen playing video games is damaging for the eyes and mind, and it may create a strong psychological dependence, it is also true that a controlled and moderate use of the video game console can, in some cases, not only be enjoyable, but also educational. Not just for children, but for the whole family too!

At the Fiuggi Family Festival this year, a special section was dedicated to video games, with particular reference to family oriented games that offer an educational and constructive contribution that goes beyond the purely fun aspect. They recommended a list of ten games, which can be accessed at the following link: .

Family and Media has furthered explored the matter and has made a special selection of the top video games most suitable for families with children under the age of fourteen.


The most famous board game is finally brought to the console. Challenge friends and family in a battle to take over the city. New characteristics, such as real estate auctions, enhance the excitement to the classic game. From the cheapest houses to the luxury hotels, you can have fun watching your own real estate empire grow in 3D.


Step by step design. A real painting class taught by a friendly gnome who leads the games. Art Academy offers two methods to choose from: real art lessons and the possibility for free exercise of creativity designing whatever you would like.

The lessons are fun and simple, and offer practical and helpful advice. They also give constant encouragement to put into practice on real paper what you learned in the game for painting and drawing. The only flaw is the impossibility to have more than one profile. It is made for just one player, which renders the game a personal one that cannot be lent out to friends or other family members. They can, however, use the demo version to test out their painting skills.


This game is for those who are passionate for history, city-planning, science and strategy. Now at its fifth edition, Civilization has proven to be a game suitable for all ages (even though the packaging indicates for age 16+). It is ideal for he who has always dreamed of being a little king. Civilization is a game where one manages a nation or civilization, in all of its daily aspects, leading it to expansion over the course of the various eras (it begins at 5000 BC until space age). This instructive game teaches players to have a vision, to make choices, and to plan beyond the quota.


Are video games just for boys? No way. With Cooking Mama World little girls can have a virtual baby to cuddle and care for. It is a new game for Nintendo Wii that comes in a sweet baby-doll packaging. The girls can follow their doll’s behavior and reactions on the tv. It is completely interactive with appropriate graphics for little girls. Basically, girl getst o play the role of the babysitter or caring mother of the virtual baby, while holding the Wii-sensitive baby-doll in her arms. The movements get picked up by the Wii. In this way, the girl can cuddle and rock her baby to make her play and react, based on the feedback of the electronic device. Have fun, little mommies!

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