DISF Educational: expand your mind!

DISF Educational: expand your mind!

Does the Big Bang Theory rule out the creation theory? Is there room for God in the science lab? Why do we die? Will the human mind be replaced by artificial intelligence? These are some of the “Big Questions” that scientists, philosophers, theologians, and all of us “mere mortals” are constantly asking. In some cases, there are widely accepted answers to these questions, while in other cases, the debate is still ongoing and quite intense.

A new learning platform for high schoolers, DISF Educational, has been created. It is designed for a style of teaching that connects scientific thought, philosophy, and Catholic beliefs.

This new digital platform offers specific theoretical and operational tools to both high school teachers and students. The platform is currently only offered in Italian but is also free and ad-free! It is organized into five educational subjects, for an in-depth study of science, philosophy, and religion. The platform also features videos , including exceptional testimonials, that provide guidance and food for thought.

What are the goals of the DISF platform? First and foremost, the formation of our youth. The site intends to provide Italian schools with means to address the main interdisciplinary current issues surrounding scientific thought, philosophy, and the Catholic religion.

The DISF Educational Project, promoted by the Interdisciplinary Documentation Center of Science and Faith (disf.org) of the Holy Cross University (Rome), also backed by the Italian Episcopal Conference, is the fruit of a collaboration of more than 30 teachers and researchers.

We hope, and encourage the promoters of this platform, that it will be offered in other languages in the near future, as teachers and students that speak languages other than Italian would greatly benefit from this resource.

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