The 10 Best Children’s Apps on iPad and iPhone

The 10 Best Children’s Apps on iPad and iPhone

Whoever said that technology isn’t capable of creating moments rich in fun, growth, interaction, and even connection between parents and their children? Certainly, traditional games such as dolls for girls and soldiers for boys retain their appeal and value. Yet in the age of internet, multimedia technology can be helpful for the imagination as well. Just a few clicks, some seconds of waiting for the download, and voila! Here is a series of applications for having fun and educating our children, all downloadable for iPad or iPhone. Have a great time!

My Little Cook

Will your child become a great chef? Put him to the test. Just download My Little Cook , an app for both iPad and iPhone that will inspire children with an interest and curiosity for the world of the kitchen. With this app, they are transformed into young chefs who prepare real recipes from beginning to end. The game is educational because it teaches children the elements of what they eat and the importance of certain food for their growth. The recipes offered are each healthy and selected by a nutritionist. The app is made for children between 4 and 10 years old.


Colorando is a multimedia palette for young artists. It is both simple and intuitive, allowing kids to have fun playing with colors. It has 50 different images divided into 3 categories: drawings, nature, and Christmas. It has many colors for coloring and different sized markers to choose from. All pictures can be saved to a photo album. In other words, it is a great application for creative children with many pictures to color! Only for iPad, it is available on Apple store.


There is a whole series of apps you can play together with your children directly downloadable from the website They are fun, colorful, and relaxing. A few of the best would be Wombi Tower, for becoming great tower builders, and Wombi Matt, for learning to do early number calculations through play. It is available for both iPad and iPhone, with a version for Android as well.

Dinosaur Zoo

Dinosaur Zoo was created specifically for children who love the dinosaur world. The app boasts a huge deal of information together with fascinating, interactive cartoons made for learning and knowing these animals that went extinct millions of years ago. In the same vein, we would also like to point out Tyrannosaurs and Dinosaurs 360. All are compatible for both iPhone and iPad.

Il Piccolo Pittore

Here is another lovely app for freeing the artist hidden in your child. Designed for iPad and iPhone, it is a free application that is easy to use for children around 5 years old. With Il Piccolo Pittore you can choose from 30 different types of markers, 50 personalized stamps, and a selection of comics which add even more fun to your drawings. This app allows you to save your pictures on the iPhone or iPad in order to look at them again in the future, or to share them with your admiring friends and parents through email.

Didakto Classic

Didakto Classic is a funand educational game for school aged children. The goal is to respond to different types of questions by dragging them to the box holding the correct answers. A photo is displayed in the form of a puzzle, which only comes together when the answers are correct. The game has a simple, user-friendly interface, and there are no time limits or points. Children can play and learn at their own pace. Only compatible with iPad.

Animal 360

By far, this is one of the apps most downloaded by parents. Lots of animals come to your iPhone and iPad with high definition images, real sounds, a series of environmental tours, recognition quizzes and puzzles of varying difficulty level. Children and adults will both have fun browsing pictures of their favorite animals and getting to know some they didn’t even know existed. The zoom function in turn, helps you see every detail. There are also 4 tours where you can “walk” among the animals in their different habitats. With Animals 360 , your child can truly learn about all the animals by having fun. He can also test his own knowledge through a simple and intuitive visual/auditory quiz as well as by putting together a puzzle image of each animal. The possibility of changing your difficulty level makes this app great for any age. Your children will never want to stop learning!

Sound Touch Lite

Sound Touch Lite , one of the best, has over 2 million downloads to date. It allows you to play with the simple touch of a finger. By touching a picture in fact, you open up a real photo of the subject, which comes accompanied by its characteristic sounds and noises. Playing with this app, you discover something even more fun: every subject has not one, but five real images and sounds! Finding something new with every touch is a fantastic way to keep children’s attention alive. The section with musical instruments offers famous melodies from classical music. Children can listen to up to five different pieces by touching the piano or trumpet. Touching the drums on the other hand reveals all the different types of drums. Between boats and fire trucks, sheep and monkeys, accordions and violins, it will be a while before children get tired of this game! For both iPhone and iPad.

Pettson’s Memory

Pettson’s Memory is a memory game compatible with iPhone and iPad, aimed at developing and exercising a child’s mind. It offers various ways to play and besides training their memory, kids have the possibility to learn new things.

The Time Machines

Help young Filby find all the pieces of his machine and bring order back to space-time! The Time Machines is an application for traveling in time and space to discover scenes with an amazing realism. The places to visit are incredible: ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, and even a jump into the future.

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