Renting a Mother’s Womb: A Video that Will Shock You

Renting a Mother’s Womb: A Video that Will Shock You

Sometimes it takes a shock, with very strong images, to wake up a sleeping public that is addicted to other images, and to place at the center of attention a human problem that has the degree of seriousness, like the one of renting a mother’s womb.

Renting a womb is a scandalous trade that involves doctors, lawyers, and mediators who have no scruples. The cost of “service,” to buy what you cannot obtain from nature, runs from 20-30,000 euros in India and China, to 60-70,000 euros in Ukraine, up to 100-120,000 euros in Canada and the USA.

The Italian Non-Profit called Mustardseed has produced a film that reports on the sad reality of renting wombs. It powerfully shows how this practice debases the beauty of motherhood and obscures the dignity of human life.

One week after its launch on social networks, this initiative reached 450,000 people and 47,000 views.

Family and Media wants to publicize the film, regardless of the fact that we do not share all its narratives, in order to say “no” to the commercialization of a relationship that is as intimate and visceral as that of mother and child. A mother’s womb is a sacred temple in which new life is formed, and it should not be profaned for money.

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