“Dear future mom…” The Commercial that Moved the Web

“Dear future mom…” The Commercial that Moved the Web

On March 21, the World Day on Down Syndrome was celebrated, promoted by the non-profit organization CoorDown, Italy's national Association for people with Down Syndrome. An advertising campaign was launched especially for the event, and included a commercial endorsed by the Saatchi & Saatchi Agency, which works to battle the numerous prejudices and stereotypes that continue to persist about the Syndrome. Above all, they fight the idea that own Syndrome patients cannot live happy lives.

Dear future mom, begins the commercial, showing fifteen children with Down Syndrome of different languages and cultures. They are speaking to a future mother who has just discovered that she is carrying a child like them in her womb. Between anxiety, doubts, and a thousand fears, the woman asks what kind of life her child would be able to live, and if he could ever be happy. It is the children themselves who give her an answer that is reassuring, sweet, and moving. With their personal testimony, they show how people afflicted by this syndrome, regardless of their many difficulties, can lead a life like everyone else by working, loving, and being happy. The children explain how even a child with down syndrome can learn to do tasks that others simply take for granted: they can write, travel, take their mothers out to dinner, and earn money to go and live on their own.

The eyes and smiles of these children go far beyond the commercial's advertising intention, however. It is not fiction, their gazes and words are a sincere witness, full of energy, warmth, and great humanity. They offer true testimony, not planned testimonials. A strong and touching commercial, it is enhanced even more by gentle piano music that accompanies and reinforces its images.

The goal of World Down Syndrome Day is to fight against prejudices, and to promote a new culture of diversity and greater integration. In fact, for disabled people, wellbeing is represented above all by a greater integration into society's working and social contexts. This commercial hopes to make yet another step in this direction. The conditions are right, since at the moment it is among the most watched and shared videos on the internet. On YouTube alone it has over 5 million views.

Happiness is not a privilege, and the happiness of a person affected by Down Syndrome resides in their capacity to work, in their autonomy, and in the little events of every day life, which allow them to fully enjoy their existence.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ju-q4OnBtNU

Enjoy the experience!

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