Improving the Communication of Family Associations

Improving the Communication of Family Associations

On February 26, 2011, 45 managers of Italian family associations that belong to the Forum of Family Associations gathered in an intensive seminar to discuss how to improve their internal communication and their relationship with mass media. In addition, they prepared the topics for the upcoming World Day of Families that will be held in Italy on May 15 th.

The professors La Porte (Holy Cross University, Rome) and Ascaniis (Swiss Italian University of Lugano) presented the results of a qualitative research on the communication of associations in the Forum, which form part of the project “FUOCO” (Transforming the Family from Occasional User to Organized Communicator) funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs. The seminar initiative sprung as a fruit of the collaboration between the research group FamilyandMedia and the Forum of Family Associations, which is heavily investing in communication as a means to enhance the effectiveness of its social action.

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