Familiaria: A New Web Portal is Online

Familiaria: A New Web Portal is Online

As of a few weeks ago, the new site of Familiaria was launched: www.familiariamagazine.it. Familiaria is an Italian magazine that works on various levels to spread a renewed culture of the family.

This is an online version of the printed publication, which offers constant updates on the major issues related to the family, with content and insights that may be useful tools for guiding everyday matters. In addition to its activity to spread a culture, Familiaria is an organization committed to carrying out initiatives aimed at improving the style of family life. Therefore, through important synergies with all of its public and private stakeholders, Familiaria promotesprojects and services of “people care”, aimed at the social wellbeing of families, on the national and local level.

A free weekly newsletter keeps readers in the loop on the main novelties of the site, often offering points of reflection for current events.

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