Fiuggi Family Festival: a week full of great cinema for the family

Fiuggi Family Festival: a week full of great cinema for the family

Gustavo Ron’s Ways To Live Forever won best film in the fourth annual Fiuggi Family Festival, which took place July 28th- 31 st in the beautiful historic center of Fiuggi, Italy.

The film tells the story of Sam, an 11-year old boy with terminal leukemia who decides to write a book on his life. He includes facts, stories, desires, but also all of his questions about life and death triggered by his condition. It’s a film that roused the audience to tears and enthusiastic applause.

The panel of judges, presided by screenwriter and director Gennaro Nunziante, also nominated two special selection films: The first grader (Justin Chadwick; UK, USA, Kenya 2011 production), and The Way (Emilio Estevez; USA 2011 production). Many VIP’s and celebrities were present at this year’s event, such as the General Director of RAI, Lorenza Lei, in addition to the large public who attended. The event was also an occasion to project pre-screenings of films hitting theaters this fall, including There be Dragons, the sequel to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and above all the animated film, The Smurfs, destined to be a box-office hit.

This year’s experience of the Fiuggi Family Festival has reaffirmed it as a valuable project for the family; a festival designed for parents and children, where movies, cartoons, debates and entertainment coincide in a warm, family environment that fosters a fun and exciting vacation for all.

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