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Children of the Web

Luciano Verdone. I figli della rete. Paoline, 2011, 40 Pages Rich with food for thought, I figli della rete is a light and synthetic work that manages to outline the main arguments of the contemporary educational debate. From their early childhood, youth and children today are immersed in environments that are saturated with new and…
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Here are the Guidelines for the Right to be Forgotten on the Web. Which is more important: the Right to Privacy or the Right to Information?

Last November 26, Article 29 Working Party Committee published the guidelines resulting from the European Court of Justice’s sentence concerning the “right to be forgotten” on the internet. “ Google and the Right to be Forgotten. The Words of Eric Schmidt (CEO): We are Here to Listen; ” “The Right to Privacy. Google Searches for…
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The Twilight of Fatherhood/Motherhood

To speak about philosophy’s reflection upon reality, Hegel often used the metaphor of the owl of Minerva, which took his flight only in the twilight. Perhaps the affirmation of the great idealist thinker could be applied to the reality of fatherhood/motherhood. It could be thought that only when these relationships undergo a crisis, their meaning…
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