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Man or Woman. A difference that matters

Rethinking human sexuality is a very important task, especially in a cultural context such as ours, in which social and work transformations offer behavioral models that are characterized by a remarkable sexual indeterminacy. In Man or Woman. A difference that matters, Antonio Malo, professor of anthropology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, tries…
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Why read stories to babies?

Reading or telling stories to children is a very common custom in many families. Sometimes, it becomes kind of a ritual, between mothers or fathers and children: in some houses, come night time without a story being read, one cannot even imagine going to sleep. Children love to listen to stories because it emotionally involves…
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Self and others: From Identity to Relation

Original Title: Io e gli altri. Dall’identità alla relazione, Edusc, Roma 2010. Antonio Malo Pascal said that "all the unhappiness of men arises from one single fact that they cannot stay quietly in their own chamber" (Pensées, n. 139). Pascal’s tough judgment is not simply a tirade against activism, but a defence of the need…
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