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Conjugal spirituality in the present day

Is it still possible nowadays to fully embrace conjugal spirituality and seek holiness in marriage? What are the various facets of conjugal holiness? What characterizes it? These are some of the issues and questions addressed in the Conference Holiness, Marriage, and Family , held on May 26, 2022 in Rome at the Pontifical University of…
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Can Alexa read kids’ bedtime stories instead of parents?

At times, technology can become the "third wheel," inserting itself into situations where it doesn’t belong. Technology no longer "serves" our relationships when, instead of acting as a means of connection, it separates two or more people. Let's take a look at some examples. When does technology serve as a tool for connection? We've seen…
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How Should Malevolence Be Depicted in Cartoons?

Have you ever wondered if cartoons could discuss the subject of malevolence? Professor Marta Brancatisano offers a potential response to this question. According to her, cinema (here we refer to any sort of depiction) creates "scandal" when it "does not respect the human grammar." In her book Man and Woman, Considerations of Dual Anthropology (“Uomo…
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What are memes? It’s quite possible that parents like me have wondered what their children were referring to when they said, “Look at this meme!” Although a bit confused by this term, we might have pretended to have the situation entirely under control, not asking what it is so as to not point out the…
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Five Things to Never Say to a Child

Words, at times, can be sharper than a sword. They can injure and leave scars for a long time. Other times they build up inside us like bricks, conditioning us and blocking us. No parent is perfect, and this article is only meant to help us evaluate if the communication we have established with our…
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Should we be putting tv’s in children’s bedrooms?

Is it wise to put a tv or a video game device, like the PlayStation or Xbox, in a child’s bedroom? What do the experts say? After just a brief examination, one discovers that psychologists are against it for various reasons. Let's see what they are. Why would it be better to not put a…
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Dopamine’s role” and Internet addiction

When someone shows interest in something we've posted on a social network, we feel happy about it. Why? The brain releases dopamine – the so-called "pleasure and reward hormone" – whenever we receive gratification or positive stimuli (such as eating our favorite food, listening to good music, cooling off in the pool, etc.). This feeling…
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