#tengotunúmero: A Spanish Campaign on the Risks of WhatsApp

#tengotunúmero: A Spanish Campaign on the Risks of WhatsApp

The Spanish organization Alia 2 was founded to defend the rights of minors on the Internet and to promote its safe and responsible use. Alia 2 recently launched a savvy social media campaign #tengotunúmero [# I have your number]. The goal is to raise awareness among parents about their children’s social networks, and particularly WhatsApp.

The campagn highlights potential risks involved for their children, such as grooming.

In recent years, laws have been introduced to address such phenomena, as evidenced in our recent article . The campaign’s video clip #tengotunúmero went viral on YouTube in just a few days. It launches a strong and clear message: a new culture is necessry to engender a correct and conscious use of social media.

Parents, it is not enough to be vigilant and attentive of our children simply by prohibiting their internet access and choosing their social platforms. We must be the first to set a good example with a correct and balanced use of the Web, beginning with the use of WhatsApp, as the video clip presents.

The protections of our children comes first through good example set in the home. This is the only way to combat and conquer problems such as grooming. Countries other than Spain are facing the same battles. Even Italy is seeing similar phenomena. For example, the association Davide.it has been at the forefront of defending minors on the Web. But what are the real, daily risks that our children may encounter? What do we not know about social networks? Is the Internet really a curse for our children? Check out our article that discusses the the legal dimensions titled Reflections on Internet Politics and Filters .

What else are you waiting for? You also can spread the message of #tengotunúmero.

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