Introducing I Need, the app helping the needy

Introducing I Need, the app helping the needy

With the seemingly endless array of apps avaliable nowdays, it is difficult to know how to find quality options which are both useful and able to meet our daily needs.

Afterall, who hasn't downloaded an app – perhaps enticed by slick presentation, only to be left disappointed? Their similarity also doesn't help either. With many apps resembling each other in both name and function, its easy to get as lost as in a jungle. Not to mention the difficulty in finding apps that are genuinely special and above all, designed for the common good and society.

Fortunately, it isn't always this way. Familyandmedia has downloaded and tested for you a unique app recently uploaded online: I NEED

I NEED : the first solidarity/charity app

I Need has been designed to help those most in need.

Essentially, it is a management platform that, with a simple click brings together in real-time those in need with those who want to make a contribution to help others.

With this app it is actually possible to instantly intercept a request for help and make an offer, either by giving a good or providing a service.

The exchanges are guaranteed by a moderator, which is usually a parish, counselling centre, an association, a non-profit organization or group home that has joined the I NEED project.

How does I NEED work?

The process is simple. The moderator verifies whether the request is real, authentic and urgent. One example might be diapers for a strugging family. Once the request has been verified, it is published by the moderator and made visible to anyone who has downloaded the app. The Generous - the name given to users interested in fulfilling requests - can then decide whether, and how, to intervene.

It is worth noting that the service does not allow the collection of monetary donations or the exchange of money for goods. This online altruism works only through the donation of goods and services requested through the platform.

Who is behind I NEED?

I NEED was created by the italian association of the same name, and has been supported by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers due to its huge social benefit.

Since the end of 2015 it has been functioning on a trial basis in the Municipality of Rome, but since early 2016 it has also begun to branch out into all other major Italian cities.

There's no denying that there are many useful apps out there. Are you a busy mom – constantly torn between work and family? Then you'll find the right app for you in The Best Apps For Super Busy Moms! But without a doubt, I NEED has to be one of the most original and socially beneficial apps out there. A way to give the right help for the right reasons. Happiness is just one click away!

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