Best Apps for Busy Moms

Best Apps for Busy Moms

From home life with their husband and children, going to work, visiting out with friends, and the never ending supermarket sweep right before closing hours, mothers today are super-active, multitasking women. They run at the speed of light, and it’s quite difficult (if not impossible) to stop and keep up with them. Mothers have this incredible ability to juggle changing diapers, with a taking a conference call, loading the laundry, and fixing their husband’s dentist appointment.

How can we help these super moms? We’ve recommended here at few apps for smartphones that are designed specifically to simplify mom’s organization of the daily to-do list, in and out of home.

Just choose the app that best suits you. Ready for download?

Baby ESP – The Perfect Guide for New Mothers

When should I feed the baby next? When was the last time his diaper was changed? Fear not! Here’s Baby ESP : an authentic digital agenda for planning commitments to the little ones. Caretaking activities are organized through a reminder system that keeps mom, dad, and babysitter updated and synchronized. Ideal for first-time young mothers!

Cozi Family Organizer – The Digital Agenda for the Family

Walk the dog. Do the grocery shopping. Pay the bill for dance classes. And then, and then….There are so many things to do! Cozi Family Organizer is an agenda to be shared with the older kids because it is formatted for the whole family. It’s where you can simply organize all the to-do tasks individually or together. It keeps those in the family connected with each other, and helps mom (the backbone of the situation) to manage the household affairs.

MealBank Pro – The Meal Saver!

What’s for dinner? Did we pick up everything we need from the store? With MealBank Pro , we can plan out the shopping. It’s an application adapted to all women, even those who aren’t moms. But it works for men too! This app permits advance meal planning for the whole family, constantly monitoring the state of the refrigerator and pantry, and notifying when it’s time to do the shopping. It’s useful also for creating fantastic recipes from a few, simple ingredients that are usually in the house.

Mom Maps – The Playground Finder

What mom has never gone searching the streets for a park with swings or slides, or for a peaceful garden for her children to play in? She can download Mom Maps , extremely useful for moms on-the-go with their little ones. Through a GPS system, this app identifies the main spots in the nearby vicinity designed for children’s play.

BabySeatMate – The Perfect Helper

How do you put the baby car seat in the car? Goodness, you need an engineering degree to figure this out! Who in their lifetime has not said this phrase at least once- part tragically, part comically- when trying to assemble a baby’s car seat? Here is your aid: BabySeatMate . An application that helps you find the right position for the baby seat in the car. All you need to do is type in the model name, and in an instant, you’ll receive useful tips for getting the seat correctly into the car. It’s as easy as a click!

Save The Mom – The name says it all

For moms who can’t handle shouting, yet again, the famous words “I can’t do everything by myself!”, there’s . Through a unique multimedia agenda, this app helps modern families manage daily communication by gathering the entire family’s information, photos, lists, and appointments, all scattered amidst the chaos of post-it notes, text messages, phone calls, snail mail and Facebook. Wired, the international magazine of science and technology, defined it as “the family social network”. Save The Mom is an app that specifically facilitates family management through internal communication, precisely as a family social network that makes the sharing of messages, photos, thoughts, and appointments possible. You can even launch little polls so everyone can share opinions, for example, about what to cook for dinner. It’s a simple and fun way of communicating among all family members.

Happy Mom – Great Advice for Moms

What can I eat while lactating? How and when should I prepare baby food? How do I get back in shape after birth? What do I do if my baby is overweight? These are just a few of the many questions that new moms ask in the beginning of childrearing. Happy Mom is just the right app for them. The pregnancy period, and moreover the first months after birth, is the most intense and delicate for mothers, for thousands of reasons. Life suddenly changes. There are thus so many new things to learn and do. In addition to advice from parents, friends, and bookshop manuals, new moms can’t miss out on the latest program just for them. It will clear up more than just one doubt that women have regarding their new little ones. With Happy Mom, you can learn how to prepare the body for lactating, the right diet to eat, and how to prepare your children to eat healthy for the first five years of their lives. The app offers a variety of interesting options, such as the “Open Line” where moms can mail her questions and doubts directly to a nutritionist.

HiBaby – Online Diary about Our Kids

HiBaby allows parents to document their children’s growth and development online. Parents can jot down anything and everything regarding the first few months of their child’s life in this digital diary: at which hour he or she began to milk, the first visits, when was the last time he/she was weighed. No more risks of forgetting such precious moments amidst pieces of scrap paper. This diary can also be shared with friends and relatives who can, upon the mother’s invitation, add a photo, video, or personal message.

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