5 Family Life Lessons

5 Family Life Lessons

The sudden death of US Supreme Court judge Antonin Scalia in February attracted world wide attention. This attention was inevitable given the influence that US Supreme Court decisions have over moral and political matters in many democratic countries.

In fact, Judge Scalia, who had been appointed by Reagan, played a key role in many of the most controversial judgments.

Scalia was described as the leader of the courts' conservative right wing, and was highly respected even amongst liberals. Much is known about his public activities and his enormous contribution to American jurisprudence, however little is known of his private life. It is known that he had nine children – clearly above the average in Western countries. That said, the number of large families is actually on the rise despite the issue being widely ignored by the media. In this regard it is interesting to read a detailed study of families in Germany .

Without eulogizing his work as a judge, we are delighted to share 5 precious family life everyday lessons learned from Justice Scalia, as adapted from Mercatornet.

1. Family the achievement of a lifetime

Antonin Scalia had nine children and 36 grandchildren. No further discussion on how important family was to him seems necessary. His example is more than enough. But it is worth noting statements made by his wife Maureen during an interview with CBS, in which he stated that starting a family is a noble work, and that having children is the clearest and most complete embodiment of a life well lived, quoted Maureen

2. Children are never a barrier to success

Many professionals are constantly absorbed by their jobs. They hold meetings, make constant telephone calls, travel across the world and exclaim: "I don't have time to have a family. At the moment I have other priorities." If a judge of the Supreme Court of the United States can find the time for nine children and a subsequent 36 grandchildren, one has to wonder how valid this argument is. Furthermore, there must be the good sense to let children be – without being overbearingly authoritative.

3. Marry a likeminded person

It is important to marry a person who views marriage as a partnership and a synergy of values, goals, and common interests - both personal and professional. Marriage is not only romantic love or feelings, but also understanding and sharing. Antonin Scalia met his wife while studying Law at Harvard University, and their passion for politics and jurisprudence immediately cemented their relationship

4. The importance of a sense of humor

“In a big family the first child is kind of like the first pancake. If it's not perfect, that's okay, there are a lot more coming along.”

Always remaining upbeat is the glue needed for a serene and constructive family life. Joking with your spouse and your children, with a slight touch of irony, is the ideal breeding ground for creating a healthy and optimistic atmosphere.

5. Always have faith

The Scalia family is Catholic. Antonin Scalia always upheld the importance of religion in public life and not only in private. For faith shapes the culture and vision of a company and it provides an opportunity for cohesion around which to build the unity of a family, especially in difficult times. Faith is a strong foundation on which to build the family and remain firm through storm. This was the case for Scalia.

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