Wake Up Men of America!

Wake Up Men of America!

A US diocese recently produced a short film to shake up and encourage the men of America to finally behave as adults. The film was prompted by a strong crisis in the actual American society, which has seen in recent years a 40% increase in children born out of wedlock and marriages ending in divorce. The already frightening numbers are, unfortunately, continually increasing, as highlighted in the article An Unending Spiral: The Bitter Price of Divorce .

A Call to Arms

This short denounces the crisis of masculinity in the actual American society. It criticizes American men’s serious lack of the willpower necessary to embrace their responsibility as fathers of their families. A Call to Battle , available to watch on YouTube, was commissioned by Bishop Thomas Olmsted of the diocese of Phoenix, Arizona.

Various figures in the film explain the attacks the family in America has been suffering in recent years. The message launched is loud and clear: never before in the history of man have there been so many wives without husbands, children without fathers. The cause is men having lost their sense of masculinity. There’s a need to change gears. American men are called to be aware, be brave, and assume their responsibilities. What differentiates a man from an animal? Only the ability to dominate his own instinct and his passions, so as not to be a slave to them. Men must rediscover their proper roles and their true identity and mission, without fear and without compromise.

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