Advertising and Values: When Ads go beyond making sales

Advertising and Values: When Ads go beyond making sales

It goes without saying that advertising is a commercial instrument that serves a business to sell its products or promote its image. Other times however, it is instead used in the social setting. Think for example of prevention campaigns, fundraising for rare diseases, those that raise awareness of public issues such as road security, or the fight against drugs.

In still other situations ads can have an informative and educative nature, for example inviting us not to waste energy or water. In these cases, generally, institutions take the responsibility to sponsor such causes and the collective wellbeing of the community benefits from these merely commercial aspects.

Often times, these forms of advertising are the ones that excite us most giving us goose bumps and stirring our thoughts and feelings. They are short films that in the end make us smile, cry, or reflect, and that certainly never leave us indifferent.

Familyandmedia has selected for you some of these recent spots, and we are sure that you too will be rapt with emotion. Enjoy!

A great day -- To experience certain emotions, technology is not enough

In an original way an IT company recounts a child's day spent together with his friends playing ball in an open area giving up his video games and cell phone, without which the day becomes truly more special.

Your family is perfect as your house should be

A father does his best to make life inside the home easier and less sad for his deaf handicapped daughter.

Help your neighbor for a better world

A moving advertising campaign of an insurance company. A man helps others every day without asking for anything in return and makes the world a better place for all of us. A universal message of charitable love that by the end of the film leaves us with the desire to do good.

There are many truths hidden from our eyes

A great little film that deserves to be watched even without any preview.

Life passes, the kitchen table remains

A famous furniture company recounts the warmth and joy of gathering around the table.

Compassion is the true communication

A moving account of war that shows the drama, but also the sentiment of human compassion.

Has technology killed lunch time in the family?

We ask with a smile. This fun advertisement recounts what is now an ordinary scene in daily life: family sitting around a table for lunch with their minds consumed by tables and telephones. What is to be done? Here is an incredible remedy.

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