A month of zapping: The Autumn TV programs that got a pass and those that failed

A month of zapping: The Autumn TV programs that got a pass and those that failed

To tell you the truth, the TV viewer has a lot of power, the power to change the channel with the simple click of the remote and choose which program he finds most deserving of his viewership, or even, to turn off the TV and do something else. It is fair, however that viewers be critics of the programs put on air, and we hope, that critical viewership can help editors to choose better schemes for their shows and provide better TV to the public.

Take Italian television for example. The Italian Parents' Movement ( MOIGE), has created a classification that accepts and rejects programs show this past September that were aired during the prime viewing hours of kids. They surprised us. Let's look at them together.

IN - the programs that make the cut.

Tonight Everything is Possible

A comedy show aired on the national channel RAI 2, with eight protagonists that compete in games and challenges of various conditions, such as the challenge of one show where the competitors had to perform a sketch on a set tilted at a 22.5 degree incline. This original program is an hour of lightheartedness for its viewers.

Blue Line

A Docu-Fiction aired on national channel RAI 1, that from time to time confronts cultural themes across its entertaining format. The protagonists of the last production were set among the beautiful backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea with its beautiful seabed, multitude of fish, and not to forget, many tragedies of shipwrecks escaping the wars in their countries.

OUT - the programs that get the boot.

You're Worth It

You're Worth It is a talent show aired on private channel 5 where the contestants have two minutes to convince the judges of a special talent. The few spectator exhibitions of high-level artists are accompanied by numerous performances of doubtful taste to say the least, when not openly vulgar or even harmful to the viewers. One case that was particularly off color was the episode that was aired on the September 19th stakes. After a touching exhibition of a father who sang to his daughter, a self-defeating masochist came on stage to lift people and objects with hooks strung on the flesh of his own back. Each of the comments made, even the negative ones, were superfluous.

The Hyenas

An entertainment history program aired on an private channel, Italian One, that became famous for its service speaking out against scams and harm to citizens. The idea was very good, but with time, the language became ever more vulgar and scurrilous, at times even offensive and irreverent to figures such as Pope Francis and Dalai Lama. For a program that claims to be a defender of the weak and voiceless, it didn't uphold its pious image.

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