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The most enjoyable family films this Christmas time

Without a doubt, Christmas is one of the most cherished and anticipated times of the year in traditionally Christian countries. It is a time of joy and reflection for those who believe in God incarnate, as well as a reason of celebration for those who recognize it as a feast inspired by positive values such…
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What’s left of the Father Figure?

One of the questions we can’t afford to ignore is what remains of fathers in today’s society. The father figure is disappearing little by little from our social, cultural, and perhaps even anthropological universe. Fathers today seem to flee from the centrality of their original mission: to serve as guides for their children, for a…
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The Image of Fatherhood in 100 Movies

We are happy to announce the presentation of a soon-to-be-published book that gathers reviews for 100 family movies. At the heart of every story is the figure of the father or fatherhood. Each is in turn, worth watching with family or in good company. Being the father of a family with children is a challenge…
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