I Didn’t Know It, but I Was Waiting For You: a book by a young person, for young people

I Didn’t Know It, but I Was Waiting For You: a book by a young person, for young people

We interviewed Cecila Galatolo, communication student at The University of the Holy Cross and author, whose debut novel titled I Didn’t Know It, but I Was Waiting for You (10 euros, Casa Editorial Mimep Docete) is now available on Amazon and in bookstores. Cecilia tells the story of Gianmarco, teenager who is bright and sensitive, but who isn’t making the most of his talents.

He is interested only in having a good time, without committing himself seriously to anything, least of all to girls. But a few experiences turn his life around. One encounter in particular will make him question his way of life and help him see that maybe, although he didn’t know it, he was made for something greater.

I Didn’t Know It, But I Was Waiting for you What does that title mean?

The protagonist, Gianmarco, is a young man who has been waiting his whole life for something, but he doesn’t know what it is…he thinks he’s having fun but in reality he feels alone and frustrated, because he’s found nothing that fulfills the deepest desires of his heart. He’s a pleasure-seeker, but deep down he wants to feel accepted, understood, heard; he looks for company, but dreams of a girl who really values him and inspires him, who can help bring the best out of him.

Gianmarco believes he’s happy thinking only about himself, but in reality he wants to give himself to someone else. He really wants to find and give Love, but doesn’t know it until he experiences it and begins to offer up his life for someone else.

What brings about this change in Gianmarco?

It’s often personal encounters, significant relationships that make a person take a certain course of action, question things, make difficult and important decisions.

In the case of the protagonist it’s also a relationship that causes a great change, although it’s a gradual one: a very special friendship…that will enrich his life, even though it also causes him a great deal of suffering.

I don’t want to give any more details, or I’ll run the risk of giving too much away…

When did you decide to write the book? For what purpose did you write it?

I decided to write a novel two years ago.

What motivated me to do it was a desire to show those many boys and girls, young people like me, who live amid uncertainty and mediocrity, that something greater awaits them than the way they’re following now… and that it doesn’t matter where they find themselves now, because one can always change direction.

I chose to write this book because I thought that to show my readers that a life that is literally transformed by Love could be more convincing and exciting than a “theory” about love.

I’ve tried to avoid moralizing and to use language familiar to young people. As far as the story goes, although it’s fictional, I must say in all honesty that I’ve taken many things from situations that I’ve really lived through.

This book is, in part, a testament. It’s not autobiographical, but it definitely has a lot of me in in it, of my relationship with God. And there’s also a lot in it inspired by my boyfriend who –although he’s nothing like the main character, I want to be clear about that – has drawn near to the faith just in the last few years, fascinated by my faith experience. And, although it’s a work of wild imagination, I admit to having transcribed (with his permission) many real dialogues that we’ve shared.

Some of my friends, on reading the novel, have been deeply moved in certain parts. And it’s been gratifying to be able to tell them: “These words were actually spoken…”

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Interview by Maria Giacinta Spezia, of the House of Maria

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